For time sensitive requests such as order cancellations or address changes, please email us at Kristin@hudsoncandle.com

Quick answers to common Customer Service concerns:

Do you accept international orders?

Wholesale orders yes via Faire Wholesale. Website orders, we are sorry Hudsoncandle.com only delivers online orders to US addresses.

Why is my favorite product discontinued? What can I use now?

Decisions to discontinue or introduce a product or size are made in response to consumer preferences and purchasing patterns throughout the country. If your favourite product has been discontinued please visit your nearest Hudson Candle retailer where a member will be happy to provide alternative recommendations.

Does anyone else see the information that I provide to Hudson Candle?

We respect your privacy. The information you provide will not be given to any third party without your express consent. Read our Privacy Policy for additional information.

How do I unsubscribe from email?

If you have an account with Hudson Candle®, you may click on the link provided on the newsletter to be removed from the mailing list.

Quick answers to common Candle concerns:

Why do you use Coconut wax?

Our candles are made with a blend of coconut and soy waxes; they are all-natural and sustainable, burn cleanly and slowly, and, with properly trimmed wicks, are virtually soot-free.

Are your candles safe for pets?

Since we do not test on animals, we do not make any 'pet safety' claims. It is always good to opt for candles that are made from organic waxes such as soy, beeswax, vegetable wax or Hudson Candle wax of choice -- Coconut. 

Many essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, cinnamon, citrus, peppermint, pine, wintergreen, and yang yang are straight up toxic to pets. These are toxic whether applied to skin, used in diffusers or licked up in the event of a spill. Our oils are dispersed in such small percentages relative to the wax, the risk is minimal. If your pet is more sensitive we recommend avoiding the following scents-- Fir Balsam, City Sanctuary, Nantucket.

How strong are your candles?

Because we use natural vegetable waxes, our candles are not as strongly scented as paraffin candles, but instead emit a softer, more subtle, scent that are perfect for everyday use. 

We use premium, phthalate-free fragrance oils in all of our products. For our candles, we use amounts recommended by our fragrance suppliers. Some ingredients in the oils make them naturally stronger than other oils, and burning our candles in bigger rooms may not produce as fragrant a scent as when they're burned in smaller rooms.

What is the best way to burn your candles?

On the first burn, allow the melt pool to reach the edges of the container before extinguishing; this can take up to 3 hours depending on the size of your candle. This will ensure a more even burn throughout the life of the candle, and a maximum scent throw. 

Also, it's very important to trim the wick to about 1/4 inch before each burn, to help encourage an even melt pool and minimize smoking. As always, do not leave a burning candle unattended, and keep out of reach of children, pets, and drafts.

My candle looks like it has bubbles or wet spots on the glass?

This is completely normal. The shifting room temperatures and fluctuation of environmental factors can manipulate the glass adhesion. Simply enjoy your candle as you normally would. 

My candle is burning off some black smoke?

The wick needs trimming. For best results, trim the wick to 1/4" before each use and do not burn for longer than 4 hours at a time.

My candle's wick is missing!

This is a strange phenomenon that can occur during shipping, especially during warmer months. If the wax is soft, the wick can sink down and appear to be completely gone. Simply let us know and we will resolve this one in a thousand chance.